Yeah, I guess that's what I should call it.
If you're wondering, that IS an inside joke.
It's sort of an inside joke of an inside joke, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, after receiving numerous emails and letters and phone calls from my many readers, (okay. It was 1 person.) about blogging more about my LIFE, and not just my thoughts,
here goes.

So, last week on Thursday, Zach, Cherie, Trevor and I  journeyed to the marvelous land of
 North Carolina.
(the air there is amazing.)
We went to visit our friends, the Dave Miller family.
The Dave Miller Family Children were home alone, as their parents were in Africa.
So, technically, we weren't visiting the whole Dave Miller Family.
  never mind.

It was a week where sarcasm abounded, almost from when we kids walked in the door.
but that really doesn't tell you anything about the weekend, now does it?

I find explaining weekends like these is very difficult,
so, once again, you'll have to look at pictures and maybe the strange and random tidbits under the pictures can guide you along a bit.

Meet our GPS.
Our GPS gets confused sometimes.
Thus, stranding us in the middle of nowhere not knowing where we are.
But it tries.

                                          These are the ridiculous crepes that Deborah made.
                                 If you love fruit, pancakes, yogurt, and pudding,
                                       all you have to do is mix that up 
                                          (okay, maybe a few other additions.)  into a
            Ridiculously Fruity Pancake Yogurt Pudding Wrap.
                                (it probably goes under a different name if you google it.)
                                                  In the background, is the BACON.

We went on a walk.
Have I ever told you how invigorating the North Carolina AIR is?
 ^ These are two of my heros. ^
Wow, that weekend was refreshing.

                           Chahlie (a.k.a. Charlie. a.k.a. Grace.) and I had a wonderful . . .
                                          Random Question game mixed with a
                                             Lucky Charm party all by our lonesome.
                              All by our lonesome until we weren't anymore, that is.

                                        I thought it was a perfectly good definition.
                                                  It was also late at night.

As was this collage.
(no, deborah is not trying decapitate Zach, she's merely arguing with him.)

                                          I'm assuming this was a controversial call in the
                                                     world of Paper Football.
                                             And we'll give the call to our audience,
                                     IS THE FOOTBALL OVER THE RIDGE,
                                                                   OR IS IT NOT?

You can relax now.
We're just on top of a mountain. 

Grace and Euch.
(We don't really know what Euch is doing.)
This probably had something to do with the Random Question game we were playing.
Not that we ever play that game.

        This was "Shun Eugene for Not Wearing Red on the Mountain" day.
                                            It's a good thing he's so secure.

                                                              Yes, that's a rainbow.
                      I think we should go on top of mountains of high altitude
                                          (no snide remarks, Colorado-people)
                               and drive on ridiculously curvy roads,
                                    and throw rocks at trees, and
                                not coordinate for pictures more often.

This is Charlie and Cherie driving through the suburbs in their convertible 
with the top down in January, wind-blown hair and all.

Here we are, visiting their wonderful coffee shop/thrift store 
that has awesome decor.

Here is Chahlie again, explaining to us how, after we pray for snow, 
the Lord will answer our prayer and all the things that will occur after that.
(including us being able to stay longer.)

Don't worry, I won't show you the fail shots.

I also won't explain what she's doing in this photograph.
But I will say that our brothers are inside writing lyrics to a song for that weekend.
Which is why we were kicked out of the house.

Behind this deeply inspiring photo, 
Kyle is laughing at Christy for taking a picture of a pillow.

Here are our brothers.
They are singing the song that they rewrote lyrics to.
It was awesome.
Look for a music video coming to a youtube near you.

Yes, we downed 2 boxes of Lucky Charms.
AND signed one of them.

I haven't really summed up the weekend, have I?
Wait, yes I did.

I shall now leave you with a few of the lyrics from the song:

"We're just // making memories//
good times// and for breakfast//
*the music stops dramatically* 

We're just // making memories // 
good times // and we're // so blessed //
with friends."

   - this is me, signing off.