Of Weeks Gone By

Well, I am FINALLY back.
I am very sorry for not blogging in a while, but you see, i had simply forgotten my password.
*hides face*
I know, you aren't supposed to forget your password right after you start a blog but, it just happened. :}

So, now I must blog to update you on what has been "going on", blog form.
(i know, i don't have to, and I am just guessing that you aren't exactly hanging onto your seats, but ... here goes!)
I shall start about two whole weeks ago when our dear friends from Colorado were in our general area, and we had been planning to go to Columbus to spend some time with them.
But then, the three eldest decided to come and scare us out of our wits.
So, they did.
"We were struck quite speechless. And we haven't stopped talking of it since!"
Here are some pictures from the memorable event:

Cherie and Kelci obviously had a thing for clapping

Please don't even bother asking.

We sort of decided to match. i think we succeeded. :)

Yes, we can SOMETIMES be serious. At least, TRY to be.

Disregard that last caption.

It was a cool effect. :)

Ahhh, such good talks we had, staying up late to strange hours of the night...

And then waking up and feeling awful...

Oooo.. the famous pizza party. May I say that there were a lot of us?

These girls are the bomb.

[they were always fighting over who would press the elavator buttons, but i think that they have things worked out :) ]

The Last Morning.
We had some interesting expressions that Last Morning.

All in all, it was great, for lack of a better word.
These friends are the sort of friends that you never, ever will forget.
(there are too many embarrassing moments.)
(that was a joke)

And so, move with me to the next week.
{The Next Week}
This week, our family traveled to the sunny Pennsylvania to do Revival Meetings at my relatives' church.
I wish that I had pictures of that, but i don't.
The church was completely and totally wonderful.
They were so friendly and sweet.
That time was so great.
We met a lot of new, wonderful people that just amaze us.

And that week was my aunt Dorothy's bridal shower.
And WHAT a bridal shower it was.
I DO have some pictures from the event, but as i have been on here for WAY too long, i must now leave you.
Perhaps I shall post pictures later.
Have a smashing day!


My Absolutely Honest-To-Goodness First Blog Post Ever.

Welcome to my Absolutely Honest To-Goodness First Blog Post Ever.
*cue the applause*
Firstly, I do hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Secondly, remember to "sink happy soughts" while reading.

"So, why have you started a blog?" , you may ask.
Well, in the "good 'ole days" when Xanga was the best thing since sliced bread, I had been driven quite distracted (translation: very, very, excited) with the idea of having one.

And then, this new thing called "Facebook" came along.
*cue the billions of people in a mad dash to see who could get signed up the fastest*
So, I forgot about Xanga for a while.
*cue Christy remembering Xanga*
Then, I remembered Xanga!
And, hence, instead of Xanga, I now have ... a blog!
"What is a blog?", you may ask.
A blog, my friends, is a hard thing to explain.
Michael Coffin  (spell check) Conniff, my old friend from waay back, put it this way:
                    "Blogs are whatever we make them.
                       Defining ‘blog’ is a fool’s errand.” – Michael Conniff"

Well said. Well said.
My blog shall contain quotes (perhaps quite often, for those who know me, know how much i adore quotes.), "soughts", pictures, verses, conversations, places i've been, things i'm reading, etc. 
Basically the same as yours. :)
i do hope you enjoy my ramblings, or at least find them 'amusing'! :)
signing off,