My Absolutely Honest-To-Goodness First Blog Post Ever.

Welcome to my Absolutely Honest To-Goodness First Blog Post Ever.
*cue the applause*
Firstly, I do hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Secondly, remember to "sink happy soughts" while reading.

"So, why have you started a blog?" , you may ask.
Well, in the "good 'ole days" when Xanga was the best thing since sliced bread, I had been driven quite distracted (translation: very, very, excited) with the idea of having one.

And then, this new thing called "Facebook" came along.
*cue the billions of people in a mad dash to see who could get signed up the fastest*
So, I forgot about Xanga for a while.
*cue Christy remembering Xanga*
Then, I remembered Xanga!
And, hence, instead of Xanga, I now have ... a blog!
"What is a blog?", you may ask.
A blog, my friends, is a hard thing to explain.
Michael Coffin  (spell check) Conniff, my old friend from waay back, put it this way:
                    "Blogs are whatever we make them.
                       Defining ‘blog’ is a fool’s errand.” – Michael Conniff"

Well said. Well said.
My blog shall contain quotes (perhaps quite often, for those who know me, know how much i adore quotes.), "soughts", pictures, verses, conversations, places i've been, things i'm reading, etc. 
Basically the same as yours. :)
i do hope you enjoy my ramblings, or at least find them 'amusing'! :)
signing off, 


  1. I am most definitely sinking happy soughts about zis blog singy.

  2. amazing! so glad you could join the world of blogging it's amazing and fun......:)