Go take a long walk, and don't take your ipod or anything, just walk and think and sing.
Go write a poem.
Go cut some flowers and brighten your room.
Go play tag OUTSIDE in the dandelions.
Go take amazing pictures of the flowers, bees and grass and sky.
Go take a book, lay in your yard or in a field and READ for an hour.
Go take a hose and make puddles on the ground, then get some fun rubber boots and start jumping!
Go smell a flower for a whole minute.
Go write a list of the things you're thankful for.
Go and make someone else's day extra special.
Make today a day that you will never ever forget.
Have an absolutely indescribable day.

- Me

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry.
    But when I read the "Smell a flower for a full minute" part, I had a really wierd/strange mental picture.
    Jus' sayin'...
    (And you were in it...just so you know. =])