Feeling the Love.

I'm feeling quite loved, with all these birthday gifts and letters and notes and songs.
A day filled with shopping and laughing and singing and . . .
all sorts of happy things.

After turning 16, 
I am a new person.
that was a joke.

16 is . . .
and exciting.
and scary.

Here is my theme song for my Sixteenth year,
I hope You See Jesus / / by Bebo Norman.
(bebo norman. it looks cooler without uppercase letters.)
(yes, i did sing this at my bat mitzvah.)


Instead of fear, instead of blinded eyes
Instead of shame, instead of all my lies
Instead of an orphan without a name
I hope you see Jesus

Instead of anger, instead of unbelief
Instead of weakness in the heart of me
Instead of a wounded soul that sometimes loses faith

I hope you see Jesus

Instead of voices in a faceless crowd
Instead of prophets crying out from behind a shroud
Instead of fingers pointing out the blame
I hope you see Jesus

Oh my God, when you look on us
A broken people who have turned from love
Instead of the words we throw and the wars we wage
I hope you forgive us
I hope you see Jesus

I hope you see Jesus
I hope you see Jesus
Standing in our place
Bearing all our shame
I hope you see Jesus

     I hope you see Love.
    (pray for me?)

      - Me.


  1. hehe.
    You got the EXACT same orange cup that I got for MY birthday.

  2. Christy! Happy Birthday girl!! Can't wait to hear how God will use you in this upcoming year :)

    Love Lauren