A Whole New World.

(WARNING: incredibly short and condensed and confusing. Go on with caution.)
(taken partly from a journal entry.)

My dear little diary (blog), 
I'm sorry to not have written in here before;
I had been imagining all sorts of leisure time to blog and journal and stuff ...
(forgive me that one resentful eye-opened cackle.)

Maybe I should start at the start and try to fill you in.
The day we left we had to keep telling ourselves:

GUYS. We are on a flight to LONDON.
GUYS. I can't believe we're on a flight to LONDON.
GUYS. We're not really on a flight to LONDON, are we?
GUYS. We're on a flight to LONDON.

I have no clue how many times we said that, and are still saying that about Israel.
On the flight, we made a friend or two: Kammy the Steward and Miriam the adorable Arab baby.
Did I mention that we were on British Airlines?
 Did I mention that on British Airlines, EVERYONE speaks in a British accent???
 (unless they are french. French is awesome too.)
Kammy was the epitome of British sarcastic wit.
He basically poked fun at Monica and I the whole flight, told me and mom that we were 'naughty guhls' for being too late in putting off the cellphone and on the seatbelt, and nonchallantly gave us an extra muffin during the flight, and then stood by our row and talked to dad and mom about our "group" and pointed out that Monica and I are the "mischevious ones" from our two families and that the boys are perfectly well-behaved (HA!), and told us where he lived and that this was his last flight for a while, as he was going home to be with his boys.
(it's sounds better with a British accent.)
Miriam was an adorably friendly little baby that we were allowed to hold for a couple minutes on the flight.
(monica and I never slept a wink that whole long 7-8 hour flight.)
ANYway, when we got off the flight, we frantically scrambled around the airport looking out for children dressed in blue.
(those t-shirts basically gave us VIP passes and made us feel like celebrities.)
We stood in line to LEAVE for over 2 hours.
Then, we were out to find our rentals.
(It was frigid. I never really imagined London as being frigid, but it was. boy, was it ever.but, it was gloomy. I was so glad it was gloomy.)
We shrieked every time a red double-decker bus passed by.
It was a teeny bit scary; the fathers driving on the wrong side of the road while excessively tired, but we made it out alive.
We pulled beside the road for about 45 minutes trying to decide where to go:
Downtown London.
Let's just say Monica and I were in the same vehicle, and you should have seen those Megabytes fly by. :)
It was incredible; actually BEING all those places that i've only read about or heard about.
I really can't say what it was like, because I just can't describe it. (and i'm tired.)
We drove around for a couple of hours being marvelous tourists, and then us girls were dropped off at Buckingham Palace.
About 2 minutes after we were dropped off (the flag was flying, which means the Queen was there, right?), it began to rain so we ran to the nearest shelter:
The Buckingham Palace Gate.
(I still can't believe that the BUCKINGHAM Palace Gate was sheltering us from a RAINSTORM in LONDON.)
We were then rescued and crammed into the rental van. Shmooshed. Piled. Shoved.
and spent the rest of the day being true true tourists.
There's a long story about father's van getting lost in the streets of London and making it back in time to let everyone get really uncomfortable and squirmy and pray.
But, all's well that ends well; and they ran in (you could practically hear chariots of fire playing in the background) and everyone sighed happy sighs and we made our flight to ISRAEL.
I slept. The whole flight.
When we landed everyone clapped for some reason. It was awesome.
When we got off the flight, we felt like absolute rubbish.
 (that's a british term for trash. i'll use it to the end of my days.) 
It was horribly awful.
Israel, though, is beautiful. In a lonesome, harsh, sharp kind of beauty.
(I must say that not knowing what anyone is saying around you is a teeny bit disconcerting.)
I really must get to bed, and i'm sorry that this is so horribly condensed and practical, but you really don't want the whole story.
It's too long for now, anyway.
Israel is incredible.
Sitting beside the sea of Galilee, the Ceaserean Harbor, Synaguoges, the Mediterranean, reading the Bible and seeing and hearing the stories come to life right before your eyes, and our guide unearthing so many different angles and facts from the Bible; it's all so much to take in.
It's going to be an incredible 2 and a half weeks.

                    read telephone booths, and red double-decker busses.
                 A picture i snapped while trying to get the buildings. I was NOT people-watching, honest.
                                       The Buckingham Palace. *pinches self*
                                             Monica and I with Big Ben in the background.
                                             (I still haven't exactly figured out what it is.)
                                   London Bridge. ( ... is falling down ...)
                                            Hannuch the adorable. ( i believe this was his 5th pair of sunglasses.)
                                                 Us by the meditteranean sea.

                                                The whole family.

                                                        the Chlo in Israel.

                         brought to you basically unedited and uncut and tired by Christy.

                                (we'll probably be doing all of our blogging on our familie's blog.)


  1., I'm thinking and praying for my traveling friends...and then to see it like this, from your eyes, makes my day. It's wonderful.(As in reading it makes me "wonder-full".)
    My heart rejoices because you are there.
    Because I can see Him smiling on the families who travel simply to know Him more. To know how His life fleshed when He walked and breathed with us. And then realize He still does.
    I do love you.
    I do praise Him for His taking you there.
    I do think picture #2 is the winning one.
    Deborah Isabel

  2. Unbelieveable.
    This is soooooo amazing and wonderful and exciting!!
    I will be stalking your family the whole entire time.
    In a totally non-creepy way, of course. :)

  3. you have really sharp images.
    (i can't believe your posting about us being in london and israel...i just can't...)
    (the picture of buckingham palace is fantastic!)