An OLD journal entry.

One of my friends did an old entry from her journal, and I just think that that is a goooood idea.
Of course, the journal entry cannot, by any means, be embarrassing.
(um, Christy, since when are your old journal entries NOT embarrassing?)

Before you continue, to giggle and snort and make ghastly noises while reading, you must first imagine a ten year old's handwriting, of un-readability and full of scribbles.

Now, are you ready to delve into my diary of DEEP, PHILOSOPHER type thoughts?


Dear Diary, 
Hi! Howdy! Hello! How are you?(that's a funny question to ask a diary)
I'm sorry for not writing for sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LONG!
The last time I wrote was.... .. 
let me see.....JUNE!
(Reader must understand that sprinkled all throughout my diaries are apologies for not writing in a long time)
that's Horrible! 
How could I!
How cruel of me!

Cherie and me are out in the woods.It's terribly windy and it was raining this morning. 
Hopefully you haven't forgot my family! O.k. let me refresh your memory, my dad, Gaylord, my mom, Celesta, three brothers, Zachary (enter something that even I  can't decipher!),Trevor 8, Michael 5, Chloe 1, Cherie 13, and me, 10. 
it is very cold. 
oohh, in like, 7 more days we are allowed to drink POP!
We weren't gonna for a Whole YEAR!
Guess what! WE Got A PIG!!!
okay I'll go onto other talk.
[I think this means that i'll move on to other even MORE interesting topics. But this topic is TOO interesting, you say? ;)]
well, actually not it's starting to drip alot on here by!

well, I hope you enjoyed that.
(now would be the point where you all stop snickering)
Thank you.


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