Blissful Things.

In this post, i am going to post things that make me feel all glowy inside.
Things that make me feel like everything is RIGHT.
Like, a smile from a stranger, an anonymous note, a good quote, a little girl telling me she likes my glasses, taking a picture that turns out right, staying so long in a coffee shop that we get a parking ticket, an upside down rainbow, sun flare, lots of things.
Even little things.
Here are some more, only more interesting. :)

My uncles. They NEVER fail to make me laugh.
NEVER. Even when they argue about corn flakes.
Even when they say the same stories OVER and OVER, they
always manage to have us all rolling on the floor, as they exaggerate
and stretch the stories until there's barely any fact left, and it's all fiction.
I love them so much.
I hope I can be like them when I grow up. :)

Classical music.
oh my goodness.
There are some songs that just leave you breathless.
And being in an orchestra.
That's pretty awesome, in my opinion.

Things arranged by color.
I don't know why.
It's so preeeetty.
And books. Books that make me cry one second, and laugh the next.
Books pretty much fill my life.

Slow shutter speeds.
And glowy things that work with slow shutter speeds.

Trying to make book covers with my aunts.
There's story that goes well with this picture, we're thinking of
writing an Amish romance novel entitled, Homer's Heart Finds a Home.
That's a joke.
We have as much intention of writing an Amish romance novel as we do
flying to the moon and back before teatime tomorrow.

Speaking of books,
the style L.M. Montgomery writes,
is pretty spanking awesome.
"Mrs. William Morrison was one of those people who always
speak decisively. If they merely announce that they are going to peel the potatoes for dinner, 
their hearers realize that there is no possible escape for the potatoes."
That's just an example, but if I would ever take a shine to writing books,
that's how I would want to write.

Sunsets. And stars.
You know that whenever you see a sunset or  a night sky filled with stars, you can take a deep breath,
stand stock still, and realize how small you're problems are, and that EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

The last song on this soundtrack . . .

My lands, how I love letters.
My dear friend Monica and I have been sending each other letters since we were knee high
to a grasshopper.
I LOVE Monica.
I also love most any other kind of letter, too.
If you're ever wanting to send a letter to someone, and you can't think of who to send it to . . .

 Boys this age.
I don't know why, but they really crack me up.
They try to act all manly and masculine, but inside they're a bunch of teddy bears. :)

Reading through the Bible, and finding verses to underline.
Realizing how privileged I am to own more than one.

Flower arranging.
Someday, I want to work with flowers.

Early morning questions and answers with these people.
(photo credit:
This was last year, and we just got together last week for another one, with
some new additions to the conversation.
grand times.

For being them.

You will not understand unless you have read the Wind In the Willows.
He's quite hilarious.
(I told you books pretty much fill my life.:)

Macro lenses.
Tee hee.

And knowing that, someday, I could go and be with children like this.
Somewhere, someday, somehow.
That's my dream.

signing off, 
Chrisitna Celise.

I got a whole lot
of these pictures
off of the internet.
Big fan of Google. :)


  1. *Sigh*

  2. I think this is a rather fabulous post. You inspire me, fellow thirdborn.

  3. 'K. So I know this is an old post, and all that, but I couldn't help introducing myself. I found your blog by some "surfing", and though I don't know you, I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this post! (And the other ones too, but this one was the straw that broke the camel's back. Or made me decide to intro myself.) I love all the things you listed! Especially, well, um, let me go back and see...
    Maybe Toady... Or L.M. Montgomery. Or... Oh, all of them!
    But Toady... he's just... the bestest. :)

    Do you perhaps like Winnie-ther-Pooh? I do. Unashamedly. And well-illustrated children's books.
    You know, I think I'll stop before I get started.
    But, I really enjoyed your post. :)