Everything in Between.

My goodness.
It's good to be back.
Because I'm all out of words, 
and pictures have been demanded, 
Here is a long blog post about 
. . . 
Nothing in Particular.

The pictures will not be in order, 
and I will ramble.
Just a warning before plunging in.

I am so excited to see family again next week.
And if you've never tried thumbprint drawing, 
You just should.

And seeing these two wonderful people 
get married.

Oh, the endless possibilities when father is slumberizing.

"If I'm honest I have to tell you I still read fairy tales
and I like them best of all."

Oh, you know those exercise movies on airplane screens
 that everyone knows no one is really supposed to do?
Our brothers didn't quite get that memo.

When asked 
"In what year did (Enter famous basketball player's name)
make the most goals  hoops "
you probably don't want to guess what Monica and I did.

Caption this picture and comment your entries.
It would amuse me greatly.

Taxis in London are the best ever.
 Listen to"Still, my Soul be Still" by Keith and Krystin Getty.

I'm pretty sure they really actually like each other . . .

(Can you see this without singing
"London Bridge is falling down . . . " ?)

Israel is . . . Israel, and will be forever more until the end of time.

They are pretty cool people. 
And they match.

When Israel gives you a flower, you smile.
But when Israel gives you a red flower from on top of ancient ruins in Israel 
by throwing them down to you,
smiling is minor.

That blur is Michael taken by the Chlo
 in a spontaneous photoshoot by the two of them.

Fake smiles?
What are you even talking about?

(Monica, currently am sipping the tea you got me in Europe as I type.
Well, maybe not as I type, cause I'm not super good at multi tasking,
but you get the idea.)

Children at heart who take
 every opportunity to climb onto tables,
or responsible adults who do whatever it takes to fix a lightbulb?
You choose.

Caption this picture yourself. 

Ah, Memories . . .

Double rainbow in the backyard this evening.
I almost went searching for leprechauns and a pot of gold;
it was that close.

 ~ Psalm 46 ~

 Signing off,
C. Celise. B.

1 comment:

  1. Oh Christina,
    you are such a meek and obedient person.
    This made me so supper happy.
    It was so randomly awesome.
    3- Made me laugh out loud.
    5-did too.
    10- do we?
    12- Praise God.
    18- *smile*
    20- BEAUTIFUL.
    I'm so glad your drinking the tea.
    I miss you.