High Tea with Princesses.

 Today is Chloe's birthday party.
Today is Chloe's PRINCESS birthday party.
Which means you have to dress up like a princess and sometimes talk in british accents.
Six wonderful friends came over and excitement ran high.

The unwrapping of the beautiful gifts was a thing of wonder.

"To Sweet Princess Chloe."
And one thoughtful friend made her a
 (well, I suppose her mother made it. I'm sure she helped.)
big blanket that all the friends signed with sweet notes
that she can take with her to Thailand and treasure forever.

She would never say so, 
but her friends tell us that she is quite the artist.

The signing of the blanket.

Sweet Party Details:

There was a treasure hunt
which brought all the children to Chloe's Favorite Place.

Her little Place cut out from three pine trees 
with a floor of pine needles 
and walls of branches
and a ceiling of the tips of trees and blue sky.

High Tea was prepared for the Tired and Hot.

"Sugar and spice and everything nice . . . 
That's what little girls are made of."

It was basically a fairy - tale world.

Even the Stuffed Pets got special seats.

Chloe spent her morning preparing the Place.

Arriving from their Treasure Hunt. . . 

It looks like hot tea, 
but it was actually cold tea.
Not hot.
Moving on.

We had the most pleasant time chatting 
about wisdom teeth and all sorts of exciting things
 and sipping tea .

It was decided, unanimously, that they were all princesses.
Except for Carson, who was a prince.
He was asked whether he's ever saved Chloe
from a dragon.
I'm sure the noble boy would've if there would be any remaining.
There was a bit of a argument discussion over whether
I was the Queen, or their maid
but then someone cleverly pointed out that Queen's do NOT serve princesses,
I was the maid.

Whoever says boys can't have tea parties 
obviously never met Carson the Awesome.

Michael the Butler was our entertainment for Tea,
and being chased around the table was one of his least talents.

The Chlo, in all her glory.

And when she rose, 
they all rose.
(after I explained that they should.)

                                              The End.
                                  (Isn't that what you say after a fairytale story?)



  1. how beautiful, and darling.
    the most perfect and fairytale like party a little girl could imagine.
    (my compliments, to the minds and hands behind this lovely tea party... and to whomever did Chlo's hair.)

    And your being maid brought back memories from Jerica's recent tea party. It is great fun isn't it?

    Wonderful post Christina.
    And happy birthday Princess Chloe.

    i fed your fish! (alot) are you going to play at that funeral with us on monday??? puh-lease??? i LOVE the scene where chlo is calmly (or ardently?) drinking her tea while michael is being chased around her table. LOVE it! :)