Just Like My Sister.

This is a birthday post about my sister, Cherie.
If you do not know Cherie (poor you), you are not forced to read.

Happy-happy-happy-happy birthday! (i suddenly feel like the goose on Charlotte's Web.)
I can't believe that you are 18. 
Was it really that long ago that we were playing "bro and sis" on the GIGANTIC hill by our house? or luring the poor innocent cows to come smell our sticks, and then nearly piercing their nose all the way through when they did? or fighting over sweeping our lilac bush playhouse with the broken broom? or listening to you make up fascinating new rules in games like,
"Hey, Zach and Christy, (my two wonderfully gullible siblings) let's say that whenever we play CandyLand, when I, not you, land on a green square, and then I win. Oh, and if you land on a green square, you get to go all the way back to the start!" "Good plan, oh wise older sister!"

 or sneaking popcorn into our bed before we went to sleep, and waking up to suspiciously salty sheets? or when we blared classical music out the window at innocent Amish people? (oh yeah, that was a couple days ago.)

Cherie, you have been one of the most influential people in my life, and I am SO GLAD.
You have inspired me in countless ways.
Your heart for the Lord is a challenge and a joy to see; you search things out, you make it personal for yourself, you really and truly love your heavenly Father, Lover, and Savior, and there is absolutely nothing that will move you from His side, You have been given an incredible gift in music; anyone enjoys sitting down and listening to you play, you are also immensely gifted with your stories, and your drawings; children love you, you get on their level; get interested with them in what they love: you are going to go places, Cherie.
Do you have any idea how intimidating it is to be related to you?
But still, sometimes I try to be immeasurably cool, like my sister.
The Lord has been using you already in powerful ways right here, in Sandusky Dr. Beach City. 
He will continue to use you in ways that you and I (see Cherie? see? I use "I" instead of "me" even when you're not here to tell me!) can't even imagine.

You're the peach in my tea, you're the Beach in my City, you're the happy in my thoughts, you're the Jack in my Sparrow, you're the "bonnet in my movie", you're the British in my accent, you're the Roasted Cherry Hazelnut in my Wallhouse, you're the par- in my -fai,
you're pretty much amazing.

There's so many things that I wouldn't even know about if it wouldn't be for you. Like, how cops are allowed to drive on the yellow lines in the middle of the road if they want to. And how we can always solve mysteries if we come up with a couple of explanations, and then just pick one.  Mystery solved!

We've had some really good times, haven't we?
And our lives have only just begun! 
you're going to travel around the world, you globetrotter, and i'll stay at home and knit, and watch the calender.

I really and truly have no idea where I would be without you.
I love you so much.

Hey Cherie!
Yeah, you know what I was thinking.

I shall now proceed to show the traditional embarrassing pictures that come with having birthdays in the double digits.

You really just can't get a picture alone, you're just too popular, and they really aren't that embarrassing.
I really really really looooooove you.
May there be many more embarrassing memories.
Someday, when I grow up, I want to be like you.

(that was 18 hearts, Cherie.)
(cause you're 18.)
(that one's for next year.)



  1. Beautifully written! I'm pretty sure I'm the luckiest aunt in the world!

  2. Oh. This is Sheila by the way :)

  3. This is precious. Cherie is my hero too. My best friend too.
    She inspires me too. Boy. I think I could have written this post.
    SOB SOB SOB. I miss you guys!

  4. so BLESSED to be your mommy! :) I'm proud of you - such a beautiful blessing you wrote here...

  5. WHAT!!! HEr birthday...her the second!??? I don't understand! She told me her birthday was the 18th!And I had a card...and a letter...and possibly a small something to send with! My goodness...I shall be very late with my congradulations.Sigh. Moving along!
    May I say that you have, in the best sort of way,written a praise worthy report of your very sweet sister.She is such a virtuous 18, is she not!? You both are such sweet sisters that I miss very much! Please, please give your sister a happy birhtday hug! Blessings to you my kindered!